FAQs for Printing

Public printers are located in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab and other locations on the Camden campus. This category explains how to use them and report problems.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email or call (856) 225-6274. The Information Technology Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

I hear we have to pay for printing. How does that work?

On Jan. 1 and July 1 of each year, Rutgers allocates $30 for printing to every person with a NetID. After a person sends a document to a public printer on campus from a computer lab or via RUWireless printing, they swipe their Rutgers ID card at a print release station adjacent to the printer. The release station is a compact computer with a touch screen monitor and a card reader.

Once they swipe their ID card, their pending print jobs will appear on the screen, and they can choose which jobs to print or delete. The cost of printing is debited from their balance.

Color printing is 25 cents per sheet. Black-and-white printing is 4 cents per sheet. If a person’s print balance is depleted before the university replenishes the funds, the printing system will debit the person’s RUExpress account.

A person can monitor their print balance via Visit the RUExpress site to add funds or visit Student Accounting to make a cash payment.

How do I print if I forgot my RU Connect ID card?

If you do not have your RU Connect ID card, you can visit the OIT Help Desk in the Paul Robeson Library for assistance with printing your documents. If you have printed to a printer outside of the Paul Robeson Library, please call the help desk at 856-225-6274 and a consultant may be able to assist you in releasing your jobs.

How does wireless printing work?

RUWireless users who have the necessary printing software installed may print to a lab printer and then pick up the printed document there. As with standard printing, you will need to swipe your Rutgers ID card at the print release station. There are limitations to this service:

  1. Wireless printing is available only in general-access computing labs operated by OIT. Departmental labs do not support this feature.
  2. Guests cannot print via RUWireless.

Supported platforms include Windows, MacOS, Android, Chrome and iOS. Software and instructions are available on the RUWireless site.

Are printers available in locations other than the lab?

Yes. See the list of Computer & Print Stations for locations.

What if a printer runs out of paper or toner?

Please notify the OIT Help Desk in the Paul Robeson Library. If you’re using an OIT printer located in another building, please call the Help Desk at 856-225-6274 with the location of the printer.

Can I print on custom paper, such as resume paper or labels?

No, OIT does not allow for any paper, other than the provided, to be used in the OIT printers. If you need to print on resume paper, please visit the Career Center on the Lower Level of the Campus Center for assistance.