FAQs for ResNet

ResNet is the name for wired network in the residence halls. See the Wireless category for additional information about internet connections.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email or call (856) 225-6274. The Information Technology Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

I’m in a dorm. How do I connect my computer to the internet?

To use the wired connection on your personal computer, plug one end of your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your computer. Plug the other end into the Ethernet jack in the wall of your dorm room. The jack is usually black and labeled with a number and the letter D.

Then go to to check your device configuration or download the installer. For more about how this works, see Getting Connected on the ResNet site. If your computer connects to RUWireless Secure without problems, then it is already configured to work with ResNet.

While most current personal computers with wired connections support 802.1x authentication and should connect without problems, other devices do not. These include game consoles and streaming media players. You will need to contact Help Desk for assistance to connect them. Read the rest of the ResNet FAQ for details.

Can I have more than one wired connection in my room?

Having multiple wired connections is possible, but you will not be able to set it up on your own. Contact Help Desk for assistance.

If I change dorm rooms, will my connection automatically update?

All you should need to do is unplug it from the jack in your old room and plug it into a jack in the new one. See the connection instructions for details. If you try this and it doesn’t work, there’s a possibility that there’s an issue with a port. Contact Help Desk for assistance.

Can I set up a wireless router in my dorm room?

Personal wireless routers are not supported in the residence halls. If you have more than one device with Ethernet capability and need multiple wired connections, contact Help Desk for assistance.

How do I set up my wireless printer on ResNet?

Wireless capabilities of personal printers are not supported. If you bring a personal printer, you will need to connect with a cable in order to print.

How do I connect my console gaming system to the dorm internet?

If you have a gaming console or other wired device such as a streaming media player that doesn’t support 802.1x authentication, it must be registered manually. The list includes Roku and Nintendo models, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Google Chromecast and many personal printers.

To register a device on the network, first find the device’s MAC address, then provide this information to Help Desk so the staff can complete the process. See How Do I Find My MAC Address? on the ResNet site for details.

How do I report a ResNet slowdown or outage?

If you notice a slowdown or outage, report it to the Help Desk. It’s helpful to provide details such as when and where you noticed the slowdown and whether it’s a single incident or a recurring issue.

The term ended but I’m staying on. Will my dorm connection still work?

As long your computer or device supports NetID authentication and you have a valid role with the university, both ResNet and RUWireless will continue to work. If you change dorm rooms, though, you will need to follow the procedure for updating your ResNet connection.