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FAQs for Email Addresses

This category is an overview of Rutgers email accounts and aliases. For details about ScarletApps and Rutgers Connect setup, see the instructions in those categories.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email or call (856) 225-6274. The Information Technology Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

What is my Rutgers email address?

The Rutgers email address for current employees depends on what their department’s legacy email system was. Most Camden employees migrated to Rutgers Connect from the Crab server, and their address follows the format

Some exceptions include:

  • Camden Law:
  • OIT:

If you’re not sure if your account is one of the exceptions, contact Help Desk.

The Rutgers email address for students, graduates and retirees follows the format Any employees who have activated ScarletMail in addition to their Rutgers Connect account also have an email address using this format.

In addition to an email address, everyone has one or more email aliases. Any Rutgers email address with your name in it instead of your NetID is an alias. See the question on email aliases to find out more.

Where do I log in to my email on the web?

It depends on your role with the university. Current employees use Rutgers Connect, which they may also access via Microsoft’s Office 365 site. Students, graduates and retirees, as well as employees who have opted to activate ScarletMail as a secondary email account, use the ScarletMail login.

What is an email alias? How do I find out if I have any?

Email aliases look like email addresses, but they’re essentially nicknames for an email account and do not have their own login and mailbox. Everyone with a Rutgers email address has at least one alias.

Students, graduates and retirees with a ScarletMail account have an email alias in the format It delivers to ScarletMail. Employees who have a ScarletMail account in addition to their Rutgers Connect account do not have an email alias for this account.

Current Rutgers employees also have an alias in the format, but it delivers to their Rutgers Connect account. Camden employees have a second alias in the format, and the Rutgers Connect email system uses this as the sender’s address in messages.

It’s also possible for you to set up a custom alias in the format See the related question for details.

To see your primary email address and aliases associated with it, go to NetID Managmenent & Service Activation and visit the Manage Email Addresses link.

Can I create a custom email alias?

Yes, but this capability is limited. You can only use the format, and you can’t use a firstname.lastname combination already being used by someone else.

To set up a custom alias, go to NetID Management & Service Activation, choose Manage Email Addresses and log in. Add the alias under the section titled Personalized Email Address. If you try to set up an alias already in use by someone else, you will receive an error message.

How do I forward my Rutgers email to another address?

Email forwarding from within ScarletMail is strongly discouraged and may be officially blocked in the future. Email forwarding from within Rutgers Connect is officially blocked, and there is no authorized way to circumvent that block.

Because Rutgers uses both email services for official university business, permitting forwarding creates security and liability issues.

I don’t think I’m receiving emails. What do I do?

First, check your email’s junk mail folder to see if the messages have been received but are being flagged as spam.

If that’s not the case, go to NetID Management & Service Activation and visit Manage Email Addresses to check the settings for your official Rutgers email address. Make sure the sender is using one of the addresses listed in the Personalized Email Address settings.

Also check the settings for your Delivery Email Account. At least one address in this section should be in the format:

  • — for students and retirees
  • — for most current employees, though some may have another address such as

Rutgers employees who also have ScarletMail accounts may not see it listed in these settings. Their ScarletMail address follows the form of and never has an alias.

If you are certain all settings are correct and the sender is using a valid email address, but you are still not receiving email, contact Help Desk.

Can I keep my email address after leaving Rutgers?

Graduating students and retiring employees may keep a ScarletMail account and associated email alias. Students and employees who leave Rutgers under any other circumstances typically do not keep their Rutgers email account and address. 

Are there alumni email accounts?

Students who had ScarletMail accounts have the option of keeping those accounts upon graduation. See the related information.


Can we get a departmental email account?

Yes, departmental email accounts are available. How it is set up depends on what the department will be using it for. Contact Help Desk to initiate a request. The staff will gather details and help set up the best solution.

Can we get a student organization email account?

Yes, student organization email accounts are available. How it is set up depends on what the organization will be using it for. Contact Help Desk to initiate a request. The staff will gather details and help set up the best solution.