Below is an email sent out to all Faculty and Staff on April 2 from A/Captain Linne’ Getsinger. Please note that students are also receiving similar emails.


Dear Faculty and Staff:

Several faculty and staff members have reported receiving an email which appears to come from a colleague, dean or supervisor, but is in fact, a phishing scam. The email address may look like the person’s, but will not have a full address and will contain a gmail or other email provider.

In the email, the person rather informally, asks for a favor or for someone to help them out by purchasing a gift card for them. The email may state they are in a meeting and cannot talk, and request the codes on the back of the card to them via email. The email will also state that they will pay them back once one campus. Once the codes are forwarded to the person representing themselves as a staff member, that person uses the gift cards so the gift card purchase cannot be cancelled and the employee has been defrauded the purchase amount.

Please be aware that this is happening and pay attention to the email of the person sending them. If you are not sure of the origin – send an email to the official Rutgers address of the person who you believe sent the message.

Do not send personal information, gift card codes or any other financial information via email.

Any questions about this or any other questionable message please contact Rutgers Police at 856-225-6111 and/or Rutgers-Camden IT via email at They will be able to assist you further. Thank you.

A/Captain Linne’ Getsinger
Rutgers University Police Department