Frequently Asked Questions about MDM Migration

What is MDM?
Mobile Device Management is a system that allows IT to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device that connects to an organization’s network.
Why is MDM necessary?
Rutgers University requires that all university-owned Macs be managed by IT to ensure that antivirus/malware software is installed as well as operating system security patches. RUCIT utilizes MDM to distribute the policies that ensure Macs remain compliant with security requirements.
Isn't my Mac already enrolled in MDM?
Yes, but the old MDM (Jamf) is being replaced by Workspace ONE during 2022-2023.
Will I lose data?
No. Changing MDM systems does not impact your access to files on your device.
Will it take long?
Not long at all. The process takes five minutes on average and no reboot is necessary.
What will change?
The Self Service app will go away but Managed Software Center will remain. You will see a new icon in the menu bar called Intelligent HUB, but it will not be necessary for you to use that.

MDM Migration Overview

Before RUCIT can send the Migration Utility to your Mac, we must first verify that your Mac’s serial number is assigned to the correct MDM profile in Apple’s Apple School Manager system. Then RUCIT assigns the appropriate enrollment profile in the new MDM called Workspace ONE. Once this is complete, the Migration Utility will be downloaded to your Mac and the following will happen:

  1. An API call is sent to the old MDM server (Jamf) telling it to release the Mac from its management. Then all MDM-related profiles are removed and the Mac can no longer communicate with the Jamf server. Once all old policies are removed the Mac is ready to enroll in the new MDM.
  2. A command runs on your Mac to remove the Jamf framework (Self Service app and other binaries).
  3. A command runs to prompt the Mac to look for an enrollment profile. At this point, you must click on the notification that appears:
    Workspace ONE Enrollment Notification
    This takes you to the System Preferences to install the MDM enrollment profile. An authentication popup will also appear and you must enter your local Mac credentials. After that, the Mac will begin the enrollment process and install all scoped profiles from Workspace ONE. When that is done, the Intelligent HUB will install and the Mac is now completely enrolled in Workspace ONE.