Email Lists

FAQs for Email Lists

This category covers tools Rutgers makes available to create and manage email lists for class notifications and other official university business.

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How does the university create and update mailing lists?

Rutgers uses two mailing list systems:

  1. The Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System, an automated system that generates lists for departments, campuses, administrative staff, individual classes, etc. RAMS can send only to people who have records in the university database. General information and documentation may be found on the RAMS site.
  2. Mailman, which allows list owners to manually enter list member addresses or individuals to subscribe to one or more lists. This system does not require recipients to be in the university database. Documentation and guidelines are available on the Mailman information page.
Who can use RAMS? How do I get access?

RAMS official mailing lists are intended to be used by the university to communicate official university business to targeted student and employee populations. They are not intended to be a conduit for advertising, commercial solicitations, event promotion or personal business.

Each major group on campus (Admissions, Financial Aid, Chancellor’s Office, etc.) has designated staff who can send email to specific RAMS lists from his or her account. There are also staff designated as moderators who can access other list controls in RAMS.

A faculty member listed in the class schedule as the instructor for a particular class may control a RAMS list for that class. See the related question for details.

Who can use Mailman? How do I get access?

Rutgers University employees and students, or those officially working for or with members of Rutgers, may use Mailman for university business. A valid NetID is required. Individuals and groups outside of the university may subscribe to lists maintained at Rutgers, but they cannot set up mailing lists.

Refer to the Mailman policy page for details.

Log in to Mailman to set up a new list. Once it has been created, the system will send a confirmation message to the list administrator containing instructions on how to maintain and modify the list. See the online documentation.

How can I create a mailing list for the courses I teach?

RAMS has a tool to create class mailing lists based on your roster privileges. Go to the RAMS site, click the Class List Creator link and log in. The tool will prompt you first to select a year and term and then to select the sections to be added to the list.

The mailing list address will be, where Course-List-Name is the name you have chosen for the course in question. As students add or drop the course, RAMS will update the list automatically.

How do I find what Mailman lists I can subscribe to?

A list of public Mailman mailing lists is posted online. Instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing are available from each mailing list detail page.

How can I check if I’m subscribed to a Mailman list?

Go to My Subscribed Lists and use your NetID to log in. The system will tell you if you are subscribed to any lists. The process may take a couple of minutes.

I sent a message out to a mailing list, but it hasn’t been delivered. What happened?

Some lists are set to use moderation, which will hold messages in an approval queue until someone with moderator privileges releases it.

In addition, very large mailing lists can degrade the performance of campus mail systems during business hours. For this reason, messages sent to large lists are normally held in a deferred queue that only dispatches messages during off-peak hours, normally between 5 pm and 5 am.

If only some members of a Mailman list did not receive the message, then you should confirm their email addresses. If it’s a RAMS list, then the individuals who didn’t receive a message should go to NetID Management to ensure their official email address is correct.

RAMS lists are also affected by changes in a person’s status at the university, so students who are not on the class roster won’t automatically appear on a class mailing list. New employees whose campus or department designations are not set will not receive messages sent to those lists.