Web Sites

FAQs for Web Sites

Web site management and support at Rutgers is not centralized, and OIT-Camden web support is primarily for WordPress sites. This category covers the most basic questions for the Camden campus.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email help@camden.rutgers.edu or call (856) 225-6274. The Information Technology Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

Our department needs a web site. Where do we start?

Web hosting and support is currently provided on two platforms: WordPress development, which offers hosting and varying levels of support for WP sites; and Drupal development, which hosts and supports Drupal sites. Which system a department ends up using is often determined by its function.

For more information, email help@camden.rutgers.edu.

I’m an employee. How do I set up a personal web site?

Permanent full-time Rutgers-Camden employees are eligible for a personal WordPress site on people.camden. These sites are ideal for CVs, courses, research, publications, image galleries and blog posts.

This is a managed hosting environment in which a customizable Rutgers-branded theme is used and a standard set of features is available. Most settings, as well as software updates and technical maintenance, are managed by Information Technology web staff so employees can focus on their content.

To request a site, email help@camden.rutgers.edu. Requestors will usually be referred to a technical liaison (known as a Ninja) who provides training, guides the setup and site launch process and serves as the first line of support and troubleshooting.

Rutgers employees with a ScarletMail account may also make use of the Google Sites feature available with that account. Information Technology web staff does not support Google Sites, but help is available through the Google Sites Help Center.

I’m a student. How do I set up a personal web site?

Students may set up a site using Google Sites, one of the apps available with a student’s ScarletMail account, and a student may keep it along with their email account after graduation. Information Technology web staff does not support Google Sites, but help is available through the Google Sites Help Center.

Students who want blog space for course work may also look into using WordPress.com, which offers a free basic package. Rutgers does not provide tech support for WordPress.com or any other externally-hosted personal web sites.

Can we get a student organization web site?

Student organizations are strongly encouraged to set up a site on RULinked because the features most organizations need are already built in, including social media integration, rosters, calendars, news posts, galleries and a document center.

Requests for an organizational site on RULinked are handled by the  Student Activities Office in the Campus Center. Contact Patrick Wallace at (856) 225-6163 or pwallace@camden.rutgers.edu.

If the organization has an unusual need not suited to RULinked, Patrick Wallace will also review and approve the request and forward it to Information Technology.

Do you host web sites for non-Rutgers organizations?

Generally, no. In cases when a Rutgers-Camden employee is coordinating an official university partnership or project with other organizations, hosting may be available for a WordPress site. Email help@camden.rutgers.edu to inquire.

Support for these sites is limited to running WP core and plugin updates and performing maintenance and troubleshooting for the server itself. The organization is expected to provide its own web design and development services, training and hands-on support. RU-Camden Information Technology staff does offer technical information and advice to the coordinating employee or third-party developer for the project when needed.

The requirements for these sites are minimal. Information Technology will require the use of security plugins and may need to restrict a feature if it compromises security or impacts server performance. It can recommend plugins or themes used on sites it supports directly, but using these is not required. If an advanced web feature will be needed, the developer can avoid potential problems by communicating in advance with the server administrator.

What is a virtual hostname?

A virtual hostname looks like a domain name but is actually an alias for a web site’s real address. RU-Camden Information Technology uses them in conjunction with its WordPress multisite management.

If, for instance, an archaeology program set up a site on the multisite for departments, its real web address might be dept.camden.rutgers.edu/archaeology. The virtual hostname assigned to it might be archaeology.camden.rutgers.edu.

The virtual hostname format varies with the multisite installation. The most common formats are:

  • dept.camden sites: departmentname.camden.rutgers.edu
  • people.camden sites: lastname.rutgers.edu or firstnamelastname.rutgers.edu

For technical reasons related to security certificate management, the hostname must be *.camden.rutgers.edu, not *.rutgers.edu.

How do I request a virtual hostname?

If you have a site on one of RU-Camden Information Technology’s WordPress multisite installations, a hostname is normally set up once you have added content to your web site and are ready to go live. When your technical contact tells WP system administrators the site is ready to launch, their communication includes a confirmation of what virtual hostname the department would prefer to use.

Multisite administrators may recommend an alternative hostname if the preferred one is already in use or if the suggested one isn’t user friendly.

I’m migrating into WordPress. Can my virtual hostname transfer, too?

Unless there are exceptional technical circumstances that might prevent the transfer, yes, assuming the virtual hostname is *.camden.rutgers.edu. The WordPress administrators will normally know at the start of the migration that a hostname already exists and will probably discuss this with your technical contact during setup or when the site is ready to launch.

Can you set up more than one virtual hostname for my site?

RU-Camden Information Technology no longer routinely sets up multiple virtual hostnames for a site because using multiple identities for the same web site confuses visitors. Major search engines have also changed their ranking methods in recent years to penalize what they perceive as duplicate sites, so having multiple hostnames may hurt a site’s performance in search engines.

Over the years some older web sites have accrued multiple virtual hostnames through system migrations and departmental name changes. RU-Camden Information Technology staff watches for links to older hostnames and updates them so the legacy hostnames may eventually be phased out over a period of years.