Computer Lab

FAQs for Computer Lab

This category answers questions related to the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Other computer labs on campus are not public and may not be maintained by OIT-Camden.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email or call (856) 225-6274. The Information Technology Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

Where is the computer lab?

The Rutgers Student Computer Lab is on the main floor of the Paul Robeson Library. An ID card is required for entrance to the library.

What are the rules for the computer lab?

See the Computing Facilities Rules and Regulations for the computer lab rules and guidelines.

What operating systems do the lab computers use?

The majority of the computers in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab run on Windows 10, but the lab also has Linux machines and Macs running OS X. For details, see the Lab Equipment section of the Computer Lab page.

What if I need software that’s not installed?

Because of concerns about security and license management, the computer lab does not generally install software provided by students. If the software is required for a class, the instructor normally provides the software to the Information Technology Help Desk to install on lab computers before the start of class. Check with the instructor about whether the software will be made available through the lab or through an alternative resource.

Students may also check the Camden Apps Server to see if the software they need is available there. In addition, they have the option of seeing if the software is available for download or purchase for their personal computer through the University Software Portal.

I’m faculty. What if I need other software installed in the computer lab?

Faculty members who need specific software to be available on public lab computers or in classrooms for the semester should provide the software to the RU-Camden Information Technology Help Desk at least four weeks before a semester starts. Last-minute requests will not give staff enough lead time to load and test software before the new term starts.

Check with Help Desk to be sure the software will be compatible with current hardware and to discuss any other technical considerations affecting the software’s performance in the lab or classrooms.

Does the computer lab have printers and scanners?

Yes, the Rutgers Student Computer Lab has scanners as well as both black-and-white and color printers.

Where are my files saved on the lab computers?

When you log in to a lab computer, the desktop environment that loads is tied to a server at another location, where a private directory has been allocated to you.  At the time of log in, you will be prompted to mount your home directory.

When you save files on the computer, you are actually saving them on the server, not the lab computer. Because of this, you will need to save all documents to your mounted H:\ Drive. That way you can access them regardless of which lab computer you’re working on. Some users opt to save their files to USB drives so they can carry their work with them.

Is there any way to remotely access a lab computer?

No, but if you just need to access certain software it may be available online through, which has many of the same programs.

I left my USB drive in the lab. Is there a lost and found?

Yes, at the Help Desk in the computer lab. The lab keeps all found USB drives until the end of the semester. At that point it wipes them and makes them available as spares to lend out.

Another lab user left behind a personal item. Should I leave it alone or turn it in to someone?

Turn it in to the Help Desk in the lab. The lab lost and found holds USB drives until the end of the semester. More valuable objects, such as wallets, may be handed over to the university police lost and found.

The lab computer is running very slowly. What should I do?

Report it to a Help Desk consultant in the lab. They’ll need to know exactly which computer it is. Provide as much detail as possible about the problem you encountered to help them determine if the slowdown is related to hardware, a software package or the internet connection.

I’m an employee. Can I reserve the computer lab for a training event?

The Rutgers Student Computer Lab cannot be reserved for a training event, but there are computer classrooms on campus that can. These include:

  • The Language Lab, Armitage Hall 101
  • Business & Science Building Room 134
  • The North Conference Room in the Campus Center

Information Technology manages the equipment but not the reservations for these facilities. To reserve a room, contact the Events Office at (856) 225-6162 or

Are there private study rooms in the computer lab?

No, but there are group study rooms in Paul Robeson Library itself. They are equipped with lab computers, or students may use their laptops in the rooms. For details and instructions for reserving a room, see the Group Study Room Policy on the library’s site.