FAQs for NetID

This category covers the what and why of NetID. It often overlaps with questions about email accounts and wireless access. See those categories for access to those services.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email or call (856) 225-6274. The Information Technology Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

What is a NetID and why do I need one?

A NetID is a unique identifier assigned to each new Rutgers student and employee. Usually it consists of a person’s initials and a number, such as jqs23.

The NetID and corresponding password are used to access nearly every secure system and technology at the university, including email, learning management systems, library resources, wireless internet and computers in labs.

In addition to this ID and the password, a person is assigned one or more roles at the university, such as student, employee or guest. These roles help determine which systems you can access by default.

What is my NetID?

You can obtain your NetID by clicking on “NetID Lookup” tool. Input your first name, last name, DOB and last 4 digits of your SSN

Why do I need to activate my NetID?

In order to access many of the electronic services available to you at Rutgers, you need to activate your Rutgers NetID.

How do I activate my NetID?

Go to the NetID Activation page and verify your identity to proceed. The system will prompt you through the activation process, which will include setting a password and security questions. Once your NetID is activated, it can take up to an hour for most services to become available.

What if I forgot my password?

If you’ve forgotten your NetID password but know the answers to your security questions, you can use the Forgotten Password form to reset your password. Leave the activation key field blank. You will be prompted to answer the security questions, and if you answer them correctly you be able to reset your password.

If you don’t know the answers to your security questions, visit Help Desk on the main floor of Paul Robeson Library during normal operating hours so a staff member can verify your identity and provide an activation key to use with the Forgotten Password form. You will need to use the activation key within 48 hours of the time it was issued to you.

Not all staff members are authorized to generate an activation key; if someone is not immediately available, the staff on duty will verify your identity and ask for contact information so Help Desk can you with a key within one business day.

NetID users who are off campus may fax (856) 225-6436 or email requesting a password change. The fax or email must include your full name, NetID, a copy of your Rutgers ID and a phone number and time when staff can reach you. Staff will verify your identity and call you to provide an activation key and instructions.


Can you email me my password?

No. NetID security is set up so that nobody, even OIT staff, is able to view anyone’s password but their own. Follow the instructions for resetting a password if you have forgotten it.

What if I forget my security questions?

If you know your password, log in to Security Question Management to update your answers or change your questions. People who have forgotten both their security questions and password should follow the instructions for resetting a forgotten password.

What if I can’t log in after I change my password?

First, try your NetID and new password on one or two other Rutgers systems you have access to. If you can log in to those systems, the problem may not be related to the password change.

If you can’t access any system, you can try changing your password again. Contact Help Desk if you tried these steps and continue to have access problems.

How do I change my password?

You can change your current NetID password by clicking on “Manage NetID Password“. You will need to login with your current password.

What happens to my NetID after I leave Rutgers?

Your NetID stays in the Rutgers system. However, your access to resources and services depends on whether your status is active and your role with the university. If you are no longer in an active role, your login to most systems will no longer work.

Do I need to renew my NetID?

As long as you are an active student or employee at Rutgers, you do not need to renew your NetID, but you do need to change your password at least once a year.

If have a guest NetID account, you will receive an annual reminder to take steps to ensure it remains open. This notice is emailed out two weeks in advance of the date when the account will be closed.

What if I need access to a system and don’t have a NetID?

It depends on your situation. If you are on campus in a guest capacity for an event or project, you may be eligible for a guest account. Check with the event coordinator or your host on campus to see if they have already set up guest access. If not and it’s appropriate that you have access, they may request a temporary account.

What is NetID+?

NetID+ is NetID access with two-factor authentication, which provides an extra layer of security to prevent NetID accounts from being hacked.

For a description and other details, see the NetID+ FAQs.

What is ScarletApps mobile password and how can I change it?

If you have established any of the ScarletApps services and wish to use a method other than the web interface (such as a desktop email program or mobile device), you must set a separate password that you can use in your email program. It can be changed or set by going to ‘Manage ScarletApps Mobile Password’.