Official Email Services

The only official student email service on all Rutgers campuses is the ScarletMail component of ScarletApps. ScarletApps is part of the Google Apps for Education service. ScarletMail is also the official Rutgers email service for retirees.

The official email service for all current faculty and staff is called Rutgers Connect, which is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 service. Rutgers Connect is a centralized email, calendar, and cloud service system that consolidates all university email systems for faculty and staff. If you have questions or concerns about Rutgers Connect, we encourage you to contact the RU-Camden IT Help Desk. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions site for Rutgers Connect.

You can also use the NetID web tools at to create or modify a custom email address in the mail domain. The custom email address is not directly connected to a mailbox, it is simply an alias that must forward mail to another address that is directly connected to a mailbox. When you are configuring your custom email address you will see an area to enter one or more delivery addresses. The delivery address should be an email address that is directly connected to a mailbox. Every mailbox has at least one address directly connected to it. If you aren’t sure what your delivery address should be, contact the RU-Camden IT Help Desk.

Supported Email Programs

The standard method for accessing both ScarletMail and Rutgers Connect is via a web interface. Other supported methods are described in the ScarletMail FAQ under the section Email & Mobile. Alternate methods for accessing email on Rutgers Connect are described on the Rutgers Connect Guides page.