RU-Camden IT provides tutorial documents for topics that require more extended information than we provide in our FAQs. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

  • Voicemail Documentation

    Cisco VoIP Phone System Information The campus is transitioning to a new state-of-the-art Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. This online document contains links to information on how to setup and access your voicemail, as well as other new features. Legacy Nortel Voicemail Web Access The campus PBX voicemail system has a web interface that will let you change your greetings, listen to or delete messages, set up your extension to receive a fax and change your password, among other tasks. This guide covers the essentials. Legacy Nortel Voicemail Message Commands Reference The reference is a guide to the PBX voicemail system’s phone menu and keys to access its features, including recording a greeting and navigating through, playing back and deleting messages.