RU-Camden IT provides tutorial documents for topics that require more extended information than we provide in our FAQs. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

  • Exam Scanner and ParScore Documentation

    Scantron System Basics The guide provides an overview of the exam scanner hardware, along with information about loading forms onto the scanner and fixing paper jams. In addition, it covers the form used with the scanner. Exam Scanner Quick Tips The quick tips guide lists and explains the messages that can appear on the exam scanner display panel. Operating Instructions for the Exam Scanner and QuickScore The guide covers the process of scanning and grading exams and printing their results. The instructors are specifically for the scanner in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. ParScore Training Workbook The workbook is the complete documentation for the ParScore software on the exam scanner. Creating ParScore Backups Anyone using ParScore should create frequent backups. This sheet provides instructions.