If you are using the command-line versions of SSH or SFTP, connect to a Rutgers server that supports remote SSH/SFTP access by using these forms of each command:

  • ssh netid@servername.rutgers.edu
  • sftp netid@servername.rutgers.edu

... replacing "netid" with your own NetID and "servername" with the name of the server you're trying to access. When you run one of these commands successfully, you will then be prompted for your password.

If you are using an SSH or SFTP program with a graphical user interface, you will normally see four fields you need to fill out in order to connect:

  1. Host: servername.rutgers.edu
  2. Username: your NetID
  3. Password: your NetID password
  4. Port: 22

Some programs may not have a field for port, or the field may be hidden under advanced settings.

The first time you connect to a Rutgers server with SSH or SFTP, the program you're using to connect with will probably prompt you to store some security key information about the server. If that happens, click OK. During subsequent connections that saved information will be checked against the current security key on the Rutgers server.

Last updated June 8, 2016

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