Some lists are set to use moderation, which will hold messages in an approval queue until someone with moderator privileges releases it.

In addition, very large mailing lists can degrade the performance of campus mail systems during business hours. For this reason, messages sent to large lists are normally held in a deferred queue that only dispatches messages during off-peak hours, normally between 5 pm and 5 am.

If only some members of a Mailman list did not receive the message, then you should confirm their email addresses. If it's a RAMS list, then the individuals who didn't receive a message should go to NetID Management to ensure their official email address is correct.

RAMS lists are also affected by changes in a person's status at the university, so students who are not on the class roster won't automatically appear on a class mailing list. New employees whose campus or department designations are not set will not receive messages sent to those lists.

Last updated June 13, 2016

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