Email aliases look like email addresses, but they're essentially nicknames for an email account and do not have their own login and mailbox. Everyone with a Rutgers email address has at least one alias.

Students, graduates and retirees with a ScarletMail account have an email alias in the format It delivers to ScarletMail. Employees who have a ScarletMail account in addition to their Rutgers Connect account do not have an email alias for this account.

Current Rutgers employees also have an alias in the format, but it delivers to their Rutgers Connect account. Camden employees have a second alias in the format, and the Rutgers Connect email system uses this as the sender's address in messages.

It's also possible for you to set up a custom alias in the format See the related question for details.

To see your primary email address and aliases associated with it, go to NetID Managmenent & Service Activation and visit the Manage Email Addresses link.

Last updated June 6, 2018

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