Enrolling as a New Subscriber in Cisco Unity Voicemail

Step 1: From your desk – press the Messages button (looks like a cassette) on the left hand side of the phone near the handset. If you are accessing Unity Voicemail from any Rutgers Cisco VoIP phone other than your own – after you press the Messages button you must press * (star key) when Unity answers. Then, when prompted for your ID, please enter your 5-digit extension.

Step 2: When logging in the first time, you must enter the default PIN (7884377). You will then be prompted to change your PIN. Do not attempt to use the default PIN as your personal PIN. Once the PIN change is confirmed, you will hear the following prompts:

  • Record your name.
  • Record a greeting to be played for outside callers.
  • Change your PIN.

Note: any time after you have enrolled in Cisco Unity Voicemail, you can return to this menu to change your name, greeting, or PIN. Also, your onscreen voicemail indicator will not appear until voicemail messages have been left for you in Cisco Unity.

If you need assistance or are locked out of your mailbox during a cutover period, please dial 8-4588 from your new phone between 8am and 5pm during the cutover days. Outside of a cutover period, please contact the RU-Camden IT Help Desk by email (help@camden.rutgers.edu) or phone (856-225-6274) if you need assistance or have any questions about Cisco Unity Voicemail.