Online Phone Resources

About Rutgers–Camden Voice over IP (VoIP) Services

Rutgers–Camden IT, in partnership with OIT-Telecommunication Division, upgraded the Camden phone system to a new state-of-the-art VoIP service. This service was rolled out during late 2019 and early 2020.

The new system offers increased clarity of calls, a full-duplex speakerphone, and increased integration with email among other improved features. It retains the need to dial 9 to access an outside line as well as the current monthly line charge.

As our campus continues to grow, there were some necessary changes in the new system. First, you now need to dial five digits to reach your campus colleagues. For most campus users, this requires dialing 5 plus the four-digit extension. If you are unsure of what number to dial for someone, please use the last five digits of their published number. In addition, the phone system no longer supports dialing 8 to reach the RUPD. Please dial 911 in an emergency. Finally, the new system no longer offers the ability to receive faxes sent to your office number. Please contact if this feature is a necessity for you and we will review alternative solutions for receiving faxes.

Accessing your VoIP Voicemail Remotely

You may reach your voicemail in the new system remotely by dialing 856-225-5800. When prompted, enter your 5-digit extension as your ID followed by your voicemail PIN. That will bring you to the same voicemail menu as if you pressed the voicemail button on your office phone.

VoIP PIN Requirements

PINs must be at least 6 digits long, but no more than 128 digits. PINs can contain digits (0-9) only, and must meet the following criteria:

  • Must not use the same number more than two times consecutively.
  • Must not repeat or include the user extension or mailbox number. The reverse of the user extension or mailbox number is also not permitted.
  • Must contain at least three different numbers.
  • Must not match the numeric representation, meaning the keypad presses for each letter, for the first or last name of the user.
  • Must not contain groups of repeated digits, such as 408408, or patterns that are dialed in a straight line on a keypad, such as 2580, 159, or 753.