Extron Controls

  1. Extron controls Projector Power
  2. Volume
  3. Picture Mute
  4. Audio Mute
  5. Picture Freeze
  6. DVD/VCR Input
  7. iPad (AppleTV) Input
  8. HDMI Input
  9. Laptop (VGA+Audio) Inpu
  10. PC (Instructor Computer) Input

Audio Mute will mute audio from any input. To restore audio, press the appropriate input button.

Extron Full View

  1. ExtronProjector Power
  2. Volume
  3. AV Mute/Freeze
  4. Input Selectors
  5. Input Ports
  6. USB Port
  7. 120V Power

In most rooms, the USB port on the panel is linked to the USB port on the instructor PC. There are a few rooms where the distance between the panel and the instructor PC is too great, so the USB port simply provides power.


Wall-Mounted Computer and AV Control BoxWall-mounted computer and AV control box.