Setting Up

Turn on the projectors by pressing the Display On button. It will blink while the projectors are warming up.

Turn on speech-only/all microphones by clicking the Speech On button. Use the Display Off button to turn them off.

Equipment Locations

  • The AV control panel is in the black rack in the corner next to the screen
  • The laptop is inside the top of the podium
  • The external CD/DVD drive for the laptop is in the rack drawer
  • The document camera is in the ceiling above the table. Use the remote to rotate, zoom and focus the image (although it should auto focus) .
  • The wireless microphones and remotes are in the labeled drawer in the rack
  • The Blu-Ray/VHS player is in the black rack and the remote is in drawer. The player also plays DVDs.
  • Cables for a laptop connection are under the little lid at the back of the podium.


  • The Instructor Laptop button displays the permanent laptop in the podium
  • The Personal Laptop button displays your own laptop brought in
  • The AutoImage button may be used if your laptop image doesn’t look correct

If the image from projector doesn’t fit the screen correctly, try the AutoImage button on the panel (hit it once or twice) or try switching to a different input and then switching back.

Shutting Down

Turn off the projector when you are done. Press and hold the Display Off button. It will blink while the projectors are cooling off, Do not try to turn them back on during this process.