Setting Up

Turn on the projectors by pressing the “PROJ. 1 ON” and “PROJ. 2 ON”, they will blink while the projectors are warming up. Please be patient. The buttons will turn green when ready. If screens are not lowered, you may use the screen controls located on the wall to the left of the podium.

Equipment Locations

  • The instructor laptop is located on top of the podium
  • The wireless microphone is in black case inside the podium
  • The Blu-Ray/VCR player is in the podium with the remote
  • Cables for a laptop connection are on top of the podium behind the instructor laptop (If either laptop is not properly outputting, press Windows + P and ensure the “Duplicate” setting has been selected)

Shutting Down

Remember to turn off the projectors and return everything to its proper place. Turn off the projectors by pressing each of the Projector buttons. They will blink while the projectors are cooling off.  Do not try to turn projectors back on during this process.