The rules and regulations below are specific to the Campus Computing Facilities (CCF) on the Camden Campus.

Use of Facilities

  • Users of these facilities agree to abide by the University Policy for Responsible Use of Information Technology.
  • These facilities are for use by Rutgers University students, faculty and staff. Users must show valid Rutgers University identification upon request. Utilization of these facilities for commercial or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. Illegal activities, such as producing illegal materials or plagiarism, will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • Users may not mistreat or remove any university property from the computing facilities.


  • It is illegal to copy software without authorization from the developer. Software piracy is subject to fines, imprisonment and civil damages up to $100,000. Users may not copy university- licensed software. Users may not use illegally copied software at any university facility.
  • Personal files stored on local workstations’ hard disks are not protected and are therefore subject to modification, erasure and copying. The integrity of personal work stored on local hard disks is not in any way guaranteed; users may store work on local disks at their own risk.
  • The use of thumb drives, CD/DVD-RW, floppy disks or network storage space (H: drive) is encouraged.
  • Any unauthorized software left on local hard disks or network file servers will be promptly erased.


  • Printing is subject to posted local policies. Each student is provided a 750-sheet allocation at the start of each half year (July 1 and January 1). Funds may be added at any time to your RUExpress account to pay for any additional printing beyond the allocation. Failure to abide by posted printing policies may result in confiscation of output. Print quality is not in any way guaranteed. However, if the printout is damaged, please bring it immediately to Computing Services staff or, call (856) 225-6274 to determine if a credit should be made to your account.
  • Only paper supplied by Computing Services may be used in the main lab printers and only Computing Services or Rutgers staff are permitted to load paper into those printers.
  • Individuals may only place special paper (bond, letterhead, envelopes, LaserJet-certified transparencies, etc.) in the student printer in the Career Center (CC 006).
  • Color printing is available in the Robeson Library lab and Law School 2nd floor West. The charge of 25 cents per page is posted against the allotment noted above for each six month period.


Printer/bound manuals for may be borrowed in exchange for valid identification (Student/Faculty ID or driver’s license). These manuals may not be removed from the computing facilities.

Use of Workstations

  • Workstation time limits, applicable at some facilities, must be adhered to in order to facilitate the equitable distribution of computing resources.
  • Users must promptly relinquish their workstations for scheduled classes or upon request.
  • Priority use of workstations is defined as Academic Use. Users must relinquish workstations for this purpose upon request.
  • If a user leaves a workstation unoccupied for more than 15 minutes, their work will be saved if possible to their H: drive and their workstation will be assigned to the next person waiting.
  • Users are asked to complete their work and leave the facilities 15 minutes before the scheduled closing time.
  • The DVD/CD burning technology available on workstations is intended for storage of personal data and is not to be used as a music or video disc copy center.


  • Smoking, eating meals and drinking from open containers are prohibited at all computing facilities.
  • Talking on cell phones is prohibited in the labs; please step out of the lab during phone calls.
  • Loud conversation is highly distracting and is discouraged in the labs. There are group rooms in the library.
  • Playing computer games on lab systems is highly discouraged at all times (and prohibited during peak usage days/times).
  • Facilities’ telephones are for Help Desk and emergency use only.
  • Do not leave personal items unattended. Computing Services and its employees are not responsible for personal belongings.
  • Users must adhere to all rules, policies and procedures posted at the facilities.
  • Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted music and/or video is not permitted.

Disciplinary Action

Any student in violation of these regulations will be subject to full disciplinary action within the appropriate university disciplinary system, up to and including probation, suspension and expulsion.

When there are reasonable grounds to believe that a student is abusing computing resources, his or her computing privileges may be suspended immediately to protect the computing resources and to assure reliable service to the rest of the community.

The student will be notified through electronic, campus, or U.S. mail or by telephone and will be required to meet with appropriate staff to discuss the alleged infraction. If the issue cannot be resolved, a judicial referral will be made to the Dean of Students Office, charging the student with violation(s) of policy.

Students should refer to the Code of Student Conduct for details concerning the procedures used within the disciplinary system.