The computer network is a shared resource for faculty, staff and student use at Rutgers University. Because of its shared nature, one should not abuse this resource by using too much bandwidth. If this policy is abused, all others attempting to use the network will suffer with poor performance.

Monitoring of Bandwidth

Network bandwidth is used when a person uploads or downloads data on the Internet. OIT-Camden monitors bandwidth consumption to make sure that this shared resource is not abused.

If we detect a person transferring an abnormally large amount of data, they will be contacted and asked to explain their actions. If the person has a legitimate need to transfer large amounts of data, we will work with them to make sure that this is done in a way that minimizes the impact on the network and others in our community.

Failure to respond to our contacts can result in account closure and in the forwarding of the abuse problem to the Dean of Students Office for further action.

Computer Lab and Wireless Limits

For Camden wireless and wired open data jack connections, download and upload speeds to the Internet are limited to 2 Mbps in order to provide a consistent quality of service for all devices on the network.

Public lab computers are managed differently and are limited to one gigabyte of total traffic (upload and download) from the Internet per day. Due to the nature of WiFi, a speed limit is enforced rather than total usage to ensure that no single wireless user negatively impacts others.

Please note that these limits only pertain to data that is uploaded or downloaded from the Internet. Data transferred between your computer and other computers on the internal Rutgers network do not count against your limit.

ResNet Limits

ResNet (residential networking) is managed centrally across all campuses and has its own network bandwidth limitations and policies. As of January 2010, User-Based Rate Limits (UBRL) were instituted to manage the external bandwidth use (ie, outside Rutgers resources) throughout housing by increasing both the download and upload external traffic speeds to 2.0 Mbps each.  Access to network resources within the University (on RUNet) are considered internal traffic and are not limited under the UBRL. 

For details about this policy and other ResNet information, please see

Faculty and Staff Office Limits

Faculty and staff offices are also monitored for bandwidth usage. The limit for office computers is typically one gigabyte of data per day (upload and download), although exceptions can be made based on specific needs.

For questions about office bandwidth, faculty and staff should contact their departmental IT staff (UCS).

Adopted: September 2005
Updated: September 2009
Updated: September 2011