The mission of OIT-Camden is to provide university-wide leadership in information technology and quality information technology services in support of the university’s mission of instruction, research and service.

Vision Statement

OIT-Camden will be a role model within the higher-education community for customer satisfaction and service excellence using innovative strategies and advanced technologies through a unified multifaceted approach.

Values Statement

OIT-Camden believes that the organization’s greatest asset is its staff. We encourage and support professional development activities that meet the goals of the organization. We take personal responsibility, are accountable and embrace a set of values that guide our daily actions.


We extend cooperation and support to our colleagues and customers throughout the university community. We hold team goals paramount while encouraging and recognizing both individual and team achievements.


We embrace creative solutions, different perspectives and new opportunities. We provide leadership to the university in introducing and applying information technology.


We are knowledgeable in state-of-the-art information technology and apply our knowledge in accordance with the best professional practices. We empower each other and use good judgment in performing our duties and activities. We value the benefits of diversity and treat all individuals with respect.


We are trustworthy and honest in all of our actions. We hold to a high standard of ethics in our professional relationships.


We identify opportunities and promote appropriate uses of information technology. We proactively take steps to increase our customers’ awareness of information technology as a means to achieve their objectives.