Rutgers-Camden Information Technology and the Office of Information Technology-Camden are joining teams to become a single organization. The new organization, RU-Camden Information Technology, is headed up by former RCIT director Tom Ryan.

The merger is the culmination of nearly a year of discussion and review of information technology operations on campus with an eye to offering the best service possible to faculty, staff, students and guests.

What It Means Immediately

Help Desk

The phone numbers and email addresses of both Help Desks will remain operational in the early stages of the transition. The former OIT-Camden Help Desk on the first floor of Paul Robeson Library is listed as the primary contact point. The email is and the phone number is (856) 225-6274.

As requests come in, the two Help Desk teams will work to ensure they are forwarded to the specialist in the area for which assistance is needed.

Online Information and Services

The two organizations have begun integrating their online content onto, formerly the OIT-Camden website. The RCIT site will begin redirecting to the new location of its content. The fastest way to find information on the centralized site is to use its search feature.

What It Means in the Long Term

In the coming weeks and months the various services offered by the two teams, such as Help Desk and classroom support, will be reorganized into single campuswide support groups. Additional information will be published or announced as details become available.

Online documentation and services will also be reviewed and updated with the goal of offering seamless, consistent information to the people served by RU-Camden IT.