Between 7pm on Monday, March 16, 2015 and 3pm on Tuesday March 17, 2015 the Business and Science Building experienced a series of critical failures with its main electrical system.

Since many campus IT services are hosted in the Business and Science Building, these power failures disrupted RUWireless and caused total outages of email (both crab and Exchange accounts), clam & crab home directories, and most campus web sites.

Facilities has been working to identify and resolve whatever is causing these power failures. As of 4:30pm power was back on and IT services were in the process of being restored. There is a chance that modifications made to the electrical system in the Business and Science Building will only temporarily restore power between now and Thursday morning. Should the power fail again, traffic to the main Rutgers University-Camden web site ( will automatically failover to a contingency server with a message about the outage.

There is currently a plan to carry out more rigorous electrical testing and maintenance starting at 6am Thursday (3/19/2015) morning. This will require a total shutdown of the Business and Science Building at approximately 5:30am Thursday morning. More information about the emergency maintenance on Thursday morning will be posted as it becomes available.